Manage VMware from your iPad

My whole life is revolving around the iPad now. I have my eye on iPad 2 but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet. As always I am on the lookout for great new apps that would make my life easier. Finally VMware is making it easier for IT professionals to monitor their VMware vSphere infrastructure with the new application built specifically for the iPad. The iPad application will not have all the features currently available for the desktop, instead it will have features that the IT staff would need while traveling.

This vSphere Client application for the iPad will be able to:

  • Show virtual machine status
  • Check for alerts
  • Stop, restart, or suspend a VM
  • Show CPU and memory use
  • And more!

For a complete review and an installation and configuration guide, you can see Jason Boche’s blog or Eric Sloof’s review. With VMware launching View Client and vSphere Client for iPad, I will now be able to manage any virtual environment from the comfort of my couch in my home. Cannot wait to see what else they come up with next!

About veeamim

Veeam Software, a premier-level VMware Technology Alliance partner, develops innovative products for virtual infrastructure management and data protection. Customers can reduce costs, minimize risks, and fully realize the promise of virtualization with Veeam.
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